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Mugen - Nana Mizuki Music Video and Lyrics

Mugen - Nana Mizuki Music Video and Lyrics

Mugen - Nana Mizuki

Go back to sleep is in me now to
Do not go anywhere

Ultramarine night I swing at the brink of fine Sleepwear
Looking at the stars that never intersect
What you ask for wandering in the dark finger
Drowning in the sea of love Ku mired even踠

柔Ra breath and even heart tremble
Entwine like a beautiful spider silk
Forgive me I can not move

You sleep in the arms
Can I throw away everything Tatsu
Ghost in the remain good co [size = 1] - Strange Days - [/ size] nothing to stop making
I find the real
Long waiting

触Re合Tta hand, the memory of overlapping lip
Disappear someday?
As the snow melts like

Get harder and harder every time I see friendly smiles
Now break
Wrap kiss me hotter than a voice

Name calling like a child
Nazotsu your figure and
Words dance eventually reach the sunny sky
You say that this thought is a sin
I dedicate all

Do you know?
You do not have to Atarimae daily from the usual
The Lost Child as far気Dzuke
Keep an eye on
Let me
You sleep in the arms
Tatsu's OK to throw away everything
Can not not stop a good co-Ja
I find the real
I waited. . . Long. . .
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